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Anonymous Asked:
I had a thought: your armour is designed to be light in order to keep you from slowing down. Meanwhile, Crashman's was built to be heavy to withstand powerful explosions. How does Crashy tackle-hug you without you getting squished?

My answer:

「 In times like these, I think about life, since I cannot get up. As the elder brother, I should let the younger ones have some fun if they catch me off guard, sometimes. 」

askquickman Asked:
Yo... Brother! You look really tired you should take care of yourself better, or maybe you're waiting to faint so I can catch you, eh?

My answer:



「Nah, no need for that. I’ll work on the floor then.」Lies down

「You’re so un-cute today. I hope you collect dust! 」

Hiatus until further notice. eve

Will be a bit slow~~

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